a little thought for today..

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hari2 blaja bnda baru..xksh la psl apa skali pun tp yg pntg melibatkan kehdpn..ntah la..byk sgt kot berfikir smpai diri ni xbleh nk dok diam..hemh..i need to keep my mouth shut..i do..i don't really like be with others for too long in a conversation because i tend to talk a lot and sometimes i didn't realize i may hurt others feeling.. seriously i don't really like to be with others too long in a conversation because i tend to keep on asking and may lead me to gossiping.. Well, i didn't mean that i don't want to mingle and be friends with others, i do love to make friends but i don't wanna get close to others.. ckp la setakat da seorg dua ja yg bleh di ajak berkongsi, bersembang, dgr luahan hati..kn? cz for me and only me, i hate when i can't keep my mouth shut and lead me to unpleasant chat..apart from that, it is not about others but me, i am too afraid if i said something wrong, i am too scared if i let my thought out, i am so afraid when i mess up things just because i said the words..but again, for me, ckp la when i wanna chat, lpskn geram or bercerita psl ragam manusia ni, ada seorg utk teman dgr and bg pndpt..

now, i have a friend who always wanna chat, talk to me personally and we share things but still not everything.. i thank her for her shoulders, heart, mind and ears for always listen and have fun with me..she's not always with me but she's there when i need opinions, ideas and nk lpskn geram..thank you girl.. =)