just for fun..

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somebody just told me that my entries quite touching..
haha~~ maybe but that are some of the things i've been through since the day i started writing my blog..
well, i still having so much fun here but still on the right path.. ( u know what i mean)
staying oversea really make me open my eyes, heart and mind.. i was so amaze with Allah creation and how different each little thing can be..i am and still amaze by that.. (Subhanallah..)
well, i can be boring and fun at the same time but the hardship that i've been through make me a better person and still in the search of the best.. what i'm doing right now with my life is to search for the real me as a muslim..
things happened and changed, hoping my changes is for good with Allah bless..but still i'm in the process of changing..so don't expect the drastic changes happen when the next time you see me..myb my outside is not really change much but from the inside only me and Allah know..
I don't really know how to express my happiness and sadness to others, by writing in this blog, i feel so release and better.. so, if you wanna know more about me, just read my blog..hehe~~
right now, i'm actually counting days to go back to Malaysia, hoping next week i get my allowance, study for the exam, then i can go out and having so much fun as a reward for myself.. (hehe~~)
to my mama, be patient yer as your daughter will be back soon and we can have fun together, to my dearly sisters, hahaha..the master will be back soon so watch out, make sure u guys tidy up our room.. to my abah, hehe~~ no worries i will soon replace you as driver to mama, kak ngah & atin... =)