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Well, i think that nobody likes to be invisible while with others because it can de-motivate the person to talk and make friends.. However, i think there is also people who does not really wanna show-off their present while with others.. Just nice if people notice her and have a little chat with her..hemh.. this girl really feel like she's not so important while her peers having conversation as sometimes some her peers interrupt her talk and then the conversation goes on and her talk then remain silent..well, normally it happens not only to this particular person but sometimes others feel too..right? what can we do? it is just normal and nothing serious need to be considered.. other than that, sometimes she feels like she's invisible when people goes on talking, and well, she interrupt but nobody notice her..hemh..pity her, nothing much she can do, she just withdraw herself and remain silent again.. that's why she loves to be in alone, doing work, watch movies in her room and find interesting info or news through the web.. she's aware that she need to mingle with others to gain more info about certain things especially about her study.. so, she decided; when is needed she will go out and seek advise, info and find more resources through her peers but when is not needed she will be in her room all day long doing things that she likes.. simple right? nobody will get hurt =) hahaha.. so, don't feel sad when people does not notice that you are there, just be who you are, and always smile..things happen and do reflect before you do something..