27 things

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Here is the list of 27 things that some people know and don't know about me.. =)

1) Just a normal size for a girl (I think so.. =p)
2) Born in July and I love number 7 so much..
3) Not really anak jati Perlis as my mom is actually from Penang..
4) Both of my parents are teachers and they really inspire me to become one just like them..
5) I've two sisters and I'm the eldest and even though I'm not the tallest among my siblings..
6) I don't really have specific hobby or interest, I just enjoy what I do as long as I am happy..
7) I am a hot-tempered person like my dad (hehehe) but now I manage to control it but still sometimes I lost control.. =p
8) From the outside I may look like a cold and proud person but the truth is I am really a soft-hearted person..
9) My heart is too fragile and I cried quite a lot even when I watch a sad movie or a short ads..
10) I've been suffering from  heels pain for 3 years now... (can't really walk much but I love to walk so quite hard to heal) =)
11) I love to watch fantasy movies, enjoy watching horror & thriller movies..
12) If I watch an episodes drama, I normally don't watch the climax as I hate conflict in a drama..
13) Hate movies or dramas with no happy ending..
14) Caught up in accident twice..huhu~~ not a good driver, need a co-driver beside me..
15) Love to laugh and sometimes hard to make me stop if I start laughing... (bad habit..kuang3)
16) Quite unpredictable as my mood change based on situation..
17) Hard to start a conversation with someone I hardly know, normally others find me first..
18) Don't really have favorite song, I just listen everything nice to my ears and heart..
19) Easy to forgive people but not easy to forget things that happened..
20) Quite a talkative person once I know others but can be too quiet at the same time and love to tell stories about my family..
21) Still in the search of happiness and success..
22) Well, got problem within my inner-self..
23) Sometimes I speak too much without realizing my words and actions cause a pain in others..
24) Always feel guilty if I do something bad but I still feel guilty even though it is not my fault..
25) If I am right, I will defend myself but if I'm too tired to create a controversial situation I will remain silent even my heart hurt so badly..
26) Easy to follow orders by others but don't really like to be leader as I believe I'm not a good leader..
27) Finally, I love myself, my family and friends as they keep me strong and secure..

p/s: still got a lot of things to write but if wanna know more get to know me first before judging me..and if some of you know me well, you can add from these long lists.. =)