Promise is a powerful word..

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When we promise someone about something I am pretty sure that, the person really hope we keep our promise.. Nobody like to break a promise and nobody like people who break their promise... The promise is a beacon of hope that make others put all their heart in others promise.. However once it consider broken nobody be able to put all those promises together again.. When we break our promise, our heart will also break but not only ours but the one who we gave our promise.. He or she will be in total crash and the heart will keep on bleeding until the body is immune with those promises..We can't actually blame the one who break their promise to us because it happens in life and it is part of life that need to known and learn by us.. But then, we can't totally blame ourselves if we are not able to fulfill the promises that we make because, things happened and people change, so what ever that we planned might not be according to plan.. So?? who do we blame? well, what we can do, if we think that we can't do something that others ask us to do, don't give them the "promise" let us try to use the word "I will try" not "I promise".. As I said promise is a powerful word, it can break a person heart in just a minute without we realizing it..We might not feel the pain but the person who always holding on to our promise may be tearing apart slowly..may it could turn his or her life to more miserable way, we might not know what happened as we don't really feel what they felt..As for me, I'm still being haunted by the promises that a person made.. I'm trying not to think about it but sometimes I can't help it even though I discover new things about the person, still I can't get rid those promises..

Ya Allah, I know that You made this thing happened because of some reasons.. Please help me to push this uncomfortable feeling far away from me.. I want to start a better life, I want to put a smile on my face again without pretending.. I know You always hear my voice, my prayers, my dream.. From some incidents that keep on happening to me these few months, I learnt a lot and still, I'm in the process of learning.. So, please.. don't ever push me to say the words "I promise" just be satisfied with my "I will try"..and I will try to fulfill my words as possible..