Just The Way You Are

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Actually, the title is inspire from the song by Bruno Mars.. When I listen to this wonderful song, it is really sweet for a guy who would tell his girl, she is beautiful just the way she is.. I just wonder, is there truly will be a guy who willing to say all those things to his girl even after they got married? Yup..maybe some of the guys would do that but others may not.. My points are, everybody in this world has different personality, appearance, attitude, background and as well as the way they live.. This is what I think a unique creation of God that make the world full of colours, spice, sugar, and also dramas.. Each time we meet a new person, don't easily judge her or him based on our own personality because we need to remember that everybody is different.. The differences actually make us meet with a person who will complete us.. He or she may have our other half and we also may have their other half.. That is why Allah create us in pairs, each person surely will have their pairs...

Just remember when you meet with someone who you think the one for you, make sure you always keep remind yourself that he or she is amazing just the way they are.. By remembering that, you may not loose your love & faith in your partner... Maybe his or her past is not really pleasant but people can change right? If they change for the better, don't ever talk about their past as it will hurt and make them feel terrible again.. You with her or him in their present not their past, so accept them now and lead them together for the better future..

Always remember that everybody is amazing just the way we are... =)