I want & I will...

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Hahaha.. is there any different between I will & I want?? sure did..right? I mean if you said I will, so there's still possibility that you're not going to do it.. But if you said I want, meaning to say what ever happen you sure that you get it.. So now, which one you prefer most? (^^,) hemh.. for myself, I choose both them.. Because to a certain extend I want something so badly but I may not get it, and if I say that I will, sometimes I just leave it to be a dream..

So, for now I really want to live my life again, for the better future not only for my personal life but for my career.. I want to get better result and be a better person, so that my family will be proud of me.. I want to be like my mother who always patient no matter what happen and strong to face the world.. I want to be like my father who always know what he's doing and want.. I want to be like my sister who always know how to make new friends and eat (hehehe)..

I will be a good & happy-go-lucky person, I hope.. I will have a better life-style =) ... I will meet someone who accept the way I am and always be there for me no matter what happen.. I will make my family smile for my success.. I will make my sisters look up to me as a role model & be a good sister..