A story of "Advise"

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Giving advise is simple and easy as it is just saying not doing..
People do give advise to each other but...
The truth is sometimes it's hard for the person who give advise to do as what she tells others to do..

When giving advise we also need to remember that;
The advise is also for ourself not just for others,
The advise is words of what we observe, experience & feel,
The advise contains values & senses which help others to make decision,
The advise need to show others the best way to choose not by forcing or influence them to choose,
The advise need to be natural & pure based on others situations,
The advise needs to make others feel better & good from the outside or inside..

As for me, giving advise to others always make reflect & realize certain things,
I learnt a lot from observing others & the advises that I got make me become more positive,
Even though still hard to follow the advises others gave me & the one I gave others,
I do try to follow them..

Always remember that, the advise that we get can be good or bad,
The choice is in our hands,
Only Allah & ourself knows what is the best for us,
Others may walk away but Allah never did,
Ask for His guidance, Insyaallah we are at the right path..