sLoWer to HeaL

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After few months had past,
Still, I cry like a little girl,
Never thought that this time gonna take quite awhile,
Never thought I still keep on thinking while alone.

After few months had past,
Still, keep everything neat,
Keep on believing everything will be okay,
Keep on saying I'll be stronger than before.

After few months had past,
Still, I feel like yesterday I met him,
Always laughing together,
Always be together.

After few months had past,
Still, I'm looking all those sweet memories,
Keep on smiling like nothing happened,
Always pretend that I'm okay in front of others.

Even I realize;
There still others who care for me,
Always giving advices and keep me company,
Keep on telling jokes to make me feel better,
Still, when I'm alone, I can't stop thinking.

The truth are;

My heart keep bleeding,
My mind keep blaming myself,
My eyes can't stop the tears from coming out,
My voice keep on vibrating each time I said his name.

I am a little slower to heal,
Give me a chance to be strong again,
I know Allah always there for me; long for my prayer,
He knew what is the best for me,
I'm trying & as the time past I'll be okay.

Maybe this is the time for me to be close to,
My family,
My friends, &

Ya Allah, give me the strength,
I know You never walk away when others did,
May your guidance bring me to the right path...